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Zephyr x In-wallet exchanger


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This is the start of a discussion around adding An in-wallet exchanger to Zephyr light wallet.

The Idea is that aquiring PIVX becomes even easier for people ALL around the world, so on top of not having to download the entire blockchain to store, send and receive PIVX, This proposal will allow people to convert their BTC (and other tokens) directly into PIVX in wallet with NO KYC or other such nonsense.

For this I am considering connecting to the API's of 2 or 3 well known and trusted exchanger services, I realise this is a somewhat centralised solution, but atomic swaps in wallet is being discussed, it will just take a lot longer than this solution, so I would like to crack on with this in the meantime.

Flyp.me and Stealthex are 2 services that I have personally used and would consider to be reliable, but are there any others I've over looked and also at this stage could we consider using Pseudo-decentralised solutions like Blocknet or Komodo's atomicDEX. Volume, speed and security are the main factors we should consider when discussing which solutions to implement.

There seems to be no reported issues with Zephyr at present if it stays this way I'd like to move toward getting this started on October 1st.

So please let me know which other instant exchangers we should be considering along with contact details if you have them so I can discuss with the teams involved. I have spoken with a Developer who is more than capable of connecting to API's (providing they are good) and we are expecting this feature to cost somewhere in the region of 2-3kUSD or 5-6K PIV.

Thanks for reading and I'm looking forward to discussing this. Also please feel free to use the PIVX Zephyr channel in the discord if you have any other ideas of how to go about this.
Update to this thread, We have completed feasibility research into this and are pleased to announce PHASE 2 of the Zephyr wallet's development.

We could not find a 'buy with credit/debitcard' service with an API capable of 'creating new transactions' so this phase will not stretch past exchanging BTC and possibly other tokens for PIVX directly in wallet and Vice versa, This does not mean you will be able to store other tokens in the Zephyr wallet. But it will make acquiring PIVX a WHOLE lot easier.

Feel free to check and comment on the following google document if you wish to be involved in this process, for those of us who do not want to plug into google, here is the TLDR: Google Document (subject to change prior to proposal launch)

[*]Title: ZephyrPhase2
[*]Name: ZephyrPhase2
[*]Term: 3
[*]Cycle Amnt: 2500
[*]Total Amnt: 7500
[*]Author: Cryptosi
[*]Receiver: Cryptosi
[*]Address: Not created yet
[*]Created: 18th September 2019
[*]Status: Pre-proposal

Key points : -
* will use Flyp.me and stealthex.io
* will be released within 3 months of funding being approved
* will cost 15,000 PIV (including 7500 donation from Cryptosi)
* Funding from the Foundation will be accepted
* Chockablock.io will be volunteering time and insight from their recent Crypto usability study, to ensure Phase 2 has an optimal user experience.
* Inwallet exchanger will be located within a tab in the Zephyr wallet top menu