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Zephyr x Sentinel DVPN


Active Pivian
This is the start of a proposal to include Sentinel within the Zephyr Light wallet.

Zephyr already uses optional TOR routing, however TOR does have some Known issues.
Sentinel is a Distributed VPN which has a governance layer to mitigate bad actors, this does come at a price however.

The plan so far is to have the guys at Sentinel produce a document explaining why having Sentinel in Zephyr, compliments or contrasts the use of TOR and why Pivians will benefit from having this option available and easily accessible in the wallet.

Once this document is complete (next week at some point) I will update this thread with it, and we can discuss adding Sentinel and the costs involved. At this stage I estimate it will not be very expensive.

We are also in the very early stages of discussing out sourcing the front end development of Zephyrs new UI to Sentinel, using Electron and JS technologies. This is VERY early stage discussions, just keeping everyone in the loop. (will be 100% open source)

Please let me know your thoughts for this added dimension of privacy within the Zephyr wallet.

thanks for reading,

Cryptosi (13th sept 2019)