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Archived zUSD- the first private algorithmic stablecoin


Dec '18

Hi guys, I’m kind of new in this community and I hope this idea don’t make me looks pretentious. Lately in my personal work I’ve been studying how some stable coins works. Most of them are FIAT backed but on the other hand we have this cool algorithmic stable coins with a surprising good performance and stability.
Looking the market right now you cannot find any stablecoin with privacy features so … After Making my node of pivx, learn how all the stuff wit zPiv works and research about the new private decentralized exchange that you are building over your platform an Idea come to my mind:
PivX have to build the first private algorithmic stablecoin
I think this Idea could really shock the market and could be a good point to get mass adoption.
I’ve put this Idea in a public repository https://gist.github.com/garretus/c0db68c9bb7c01995acc2fff7604b8a7 11 Please feel free to collaborate and show me your opinions.