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    Active PIVX Dev Funding (Apr-Jun 2021)

    PIVX Core Development (Apr-Jun 2021) Title: PIVX.CORE.DEVELOPMENT Name: Core-Dev-Apr2021 Term: 3 Cycle Cycle Amnt: 22.5k PIV Total Amnt: 67.5K PIV Author: furszy Receiver: random-zebra & furszy Address: DE9ERJojTPbNSUVUjsZgGfLbozrGHfdYdS Created: 2021-30-03 Status: Active Proposal vote hash...
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    Archived New QT Wallet Marketing Campaign

    ok, no problem. Just trying to clarify this to not mix responsibilities. I'm glad to help in whatever i can, but really cannot be everywhere.
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    Archived New QT Wallet Marketing Campaign

    I'm not part of the marketing team.. no idea why i'm in the proposal. Don't confuse my help and the large amount of time that I spend answering every single question, trying to support every person in the community for the good sake of the project with be responsible or part of the marketing team.