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This proposal is for 1000 Piv to support Alliances for the next month at least.

Alliances is PIVX's Version of partnerships and are completed in a truly decentralised manner. To my knowledge this is the only initiative of its kind in all of crypto.

So far we have Allied with Particl, Numo and Zenzo, with varying degrees of success, most successfully in my opinion with Zenzo which brought fresh energy and a compelling new usecase to PIVX.

Alliances also has a published road map which can be viewed here: https://pivx.org/roadmaps-2019-2020/#alliances

This funding will go towards completing the masternode hosting standards which is on the road map which are currently being worked on in conjuction with VeraNodes, however Allnodes have also shown an interest in being involved. Coinserver and Mymasternode are yet to be approached, but we are aware they host a significant amount of PIVX masternodes.

On top of this, Funding will allow the resumption of both the Governance Conference call, and State of the Project Podcasts.

Currrently there are 4 Alliances being worked on:
Merge - who have been creating resources such as explorers and snapshots for PIVX for a while.
Sentinel - We are discussing a solution which will mask the IP address of masternodes also they will be accepting PIVX on their DVPN platform
Allnodes - Are working on a Bot which will enable masternode monitoring from within Discord and Telegram and Also some governance features may be possible.
Vendible - Will be creating a payment processor and may be offering some equity in the Project to PIVX or the PIVX foundation (if it is legally feasible).

We would love to get this funded and get back to work on the road map and connecting PIVX up with up coming and established projects within crypto and beyond.

Here is some information about my past proposals:

PIVX Tutorials (PASSED)

QT Frontend Development (PASSED)

Alliance Funding (Passed)

Tango governance portal - test site - (PASSED)



Requesting 1000 PIV
Deliverables :
Monthly State of the Project Podcast (with Jeffrey, warrows and Onezetty)
Monthly conference call allowing Proposers to discuss their proposals with the community and take questions
Work towards completion of Masternodes Hosting Standards
Work towards Alliances with Sentinel, Allnodes, Merge and Vendible
addition of Zenzo to pivxalliance.org website, as agreed in the Zenzo alliance

Here is the Voting information:



“mnbudgetvote 2f5bc6c798bf1014df9aee73971429ab78420c649eaea9dd12bb54f74d56e6ec yes” to vote in favor

“mnbudgetvote 2f5bc6c798bf1014df9aee73971429ab78420c649eaea9dd12bb54f74d56e6ec no” to vote against

"getbudgetinfo 2f5bc6c798bf1014df9aee73971429ab78420c649eaea9dd12bb54f74d56e6ec” to check the status
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