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Archived Alliance funding (April 2019)


This proposal is to secure some funding for the ongoing PIVX alliances effort,

I have been pushing PIVX alliances for some months now with my own time and funds, and now that there are budget funds freed up due to the pull back by devs (thanks guys), I will be seeking some funding to relive my own burden.

**So what is the Alliance protocol?**

In case you don't yet know this short explainer should be useful:

**What has been developed via Alliances so far?**

1 - Particl alliance (alliance formed and ongoing)
2 - pivx alliance.org website (funded by myself $1k USD)
3 - Alliances explainer and custom logo (funded myself (135 USD)
4 - Alliance protocol and Packs protocol
5 - 4 conference calls, Link to conference calls page : http://pivxalliance.org/conference-calls/
6 - 4 State of the project PIVX podcasts featuring various team members
7 - Passed official alliance with Zenzo
8 - Explored but did not complete alliance with Localcoinswap

**How much is being asked for:**
For this proposal I would like 1K PIV per month.
I have not had any funding since January cycle, that was 1k piv and has lasted till now.
This will not be a wage, it will fund the following things

**What will funds be used for?**
To pay for graphics being made, (_assuming no creative is funded - and Rhubarb does not continue to make graphics from the kindness of his heart_)
To pay for recording and promotion, we will boosts posts on facebook and other platforms
To pay for audio editing of conference calls, which is $100 per conference call + $60 per state of the project. + extra for soundbites.
To pay for explainers and translations _(assuming hannah and her team no longer create them from the kindness of their hearts_)
To pay for updates to the website,

**Besides these expenses, I expect the following to be delivered each month:**

monthly conference call recorded
Monthly state of the project Podcast
Help with pushing alliances
Regular updates to website, including bi-monthly reports on alliances
press releases
facebook promotion
This time I also want to use some of these funds to push the Godot Alliance which now has some software to back it up ;)

**What if it's not funded?**
If it's not funded, I will stop working on Alliances as it will be a sign that the community no longer wants this, and anyone else is free to pick up where I left off.

**What will happen to the funds that are not used?**
They will be held in this address ' same as proposal address '
If the funds are not spent they will be saved for a time when they are needed for Alliance related business.
If the amount in the alliance fund goes above 10k then it will be staked in piv.

**Who is on the Alliance Team?**
Crypto S.I
have had help from Gets, Buer and Crypto HB,
hopefully with funding I can get them to join the official alliances team?

**My previous proposals and reports**
Alliance proposal -- https://forum.pivx.org/t/pivx-alliances-proposal-now-up-for-voting/3844
Godot proposal -- https://forum.pivx.org/t/pivx-godot-open-source-game-engine-integration/3952
Godot report -- https://steemit.com/pivx/@Cryptosi/pivx-x-godot-module-report-month-1
Steemit Proposal -- https://forum.pivx.org/t/official-steemit-account-pivx/1335
Particl alliance -- https://forum.pivx.org/t/particl-application-for-pivx-alliance/4379
PIVX Manifesto 1.0 -- https://forum.pivx.org/t/manifesto-official-proposal/3996/4
Tango governance site proposal -- https://forum.pivx.org/t/proposal-funding-for-pivx-tango-governance-portal-test-site/4808
Alliances report -- Jan/Mar -- https://steemit.com/bitcoin/@Cryptosi/pivx-alliances-report-jan-mar-2019-by-cryptosi

Thanks for taking the time to read this proposal, Hoping you will support the alliance push, and this proposal.


hash= 126752388e76614435ed8d97b708879a57dde7379f3526500f076f9d9524cf8b

“mnbudget vote-many 126752388e76614435ed8d97b708879a57dde7379f3526500f076f9d9524cf8b yes” to vote in favor

“mnbudget vote-many 126752388e76614435ed8d97b708879a57dde7379f3526500f076f9d9524cf8b no” to vote against

"mnbudget getinfo 126752388e76614435ed8d97b708879a57dde7379f3526500f076f9d9524cf8b” to check the status
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