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Archived Blockchain Futurist Conference Sponsorship Aug 11 - 14 - SYMBOLIC PROPOSAL: Funding via PIVX Foundation


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Title: Blockchain Futurist Conference Sponsorship Aug 11 - 14
Name: Blockchain_FuturistConference
Term: 1 cycle
Cycle Amnt: 100
Total Amnt: 100
Author: Kelsey Cole “PIVX Pixie” - MVM Inc.
Receiver: Kelsey Cole “PIVX Pixie” - MVM Inc.
Address: TBA
Created: 07.02.2019
Status: Pre-Proposal

Futurist Conference Sponsorship (1x) August 11 - 14

The budget for this event will come from the PIVX Foundation if this proposal passes. The 100 PIV is a symbolic of receiving community support.

Breakdown of Event Production Costs as follows:

$25,000 CAD + HST = $28,250 sponsorship fee * must be paid in BTC, ETH or fiat for CAD rate
$50,000 CAD for hosting PIVX party @ Blockchain Futurist Conference: Aug 13 evening
$10,000 CAD for team to activate (covers planning, personnel, site visits, execution, keynote)
$5,000 CAD event activation budget (purple decor, swag, misc. costs)
$93,250 CAD total from PIVX foundation = approx. 93,250 PIV

  • Announcement of new privacy protocol in perfectly placed keynote
    • keynote spot on main stage unveiling new PIVX branding and roadmaps
  • Major branding of ENTIRE event: Gold Level Sponsorship + ownership of the Aug 13 party
  • New logo everywhere
  • Private PIVX cabanas & meeting pods (working on custom activation to rep privacy)
  • PIVX Party on the evening of August 13th (busiest night of the event) - directly following the unveiling of new brand
  • Press conference announcement
  • PR opportunities
  • Ability to pay in crypto (BTC / ETH if we want to get the rate in CAD value, or USD in PIV)
  • Sponsorship deck attached for overview, we were able to get title sponsor of the party by covering the bar bill + gold (savings of over $25k usd)
If this proposal passes votes and the community is jazzed, we will make this happen privately through the PIVX Foundation.


  • 2019 Futurist Conference Sponsorship Package-Compressed.pdf
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