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Name: Ofcl-SocialApr2024
Term: 2 cycle
Cycle Amount: 6890
Total Amount: 13780
Author: @LeacyMcK
Receiver: @LeacyMcK
Address: D9F4WAiarYFHZEHTcipSZc8aRJ49WYUgQp
Created: April 15, 2024
Status: Active

Weekly tasks
- Lead for PIVX official, PIVXcommunity, Medium and Instagram.
- All weekly tasks can be found here. https://forum.pivx.org/threads/pivx-social-media-lead-content-creator-exchange-liaison.1468/
- Timewise these weekly tasks take approx. 10 - 20 hours each week.
- Checking in with social team regularly. Scouting for new social team members. Mentoring and giving support when needed to the social team, and PIVX community account leads.
- Latest request from Binance this month requesting we make sure that the Twitter account is following safe procedures. eg. 2fa, passwords only given to lead of account and 1 other active member.

Monthly tasks
Complete and submit Binance report. ( In response to Binance's request for more comprehensive information regarding our completed work, I have secured the developers' commitment to independently document their contributions. This collaborative effort ensures that their work will be prepared and included in the report I will submit to Binance within the specified timeframe.) Both PIVX Core and PIVX Labs work is shared.
- Update PIVX.org when needed at times. eg. Edit roles, add articles/blogs
- Update Discord Monitor auto-mod and support when needed.
- Monthly PIVX Masternode updates
- Contact privacy advocates aka team members involved in privacy projects and invite them to participate as guests in a privacy roundtable discussion. I collaborate with Reuben, CryptoGuard, yenechar and Joskey to address current and trending privacy-related subjects for the show.

February and March Highlights
You can find these here: https://forum.pivx.org/threads/content-strategist.1940/post-5017
Along with,

- Privacy Roundtable hosted by BasicSwapDEX along with co-hosts PIVX, Firo and Particl. Special guest: Alex Romanov from Beam Privacy

-Community Twitter Polls

-Using AI more for privacy quotes.

-To ensure the community is well-informed about PIVX available support options and various avenues to obtain assistance, I regularly publish weekly posts featuring PIVX support tools. These posts include helpful resources such as the PIVX tool box and links to informative guides.

-Freedom or Privacy? Why not both? (re-circulated old material showing it in a new light so to speak.)

Why do you PIVX? Successful Community Contest where community was encouraged to comment on how they use PIVX in their lives. 4 prizes of 50 PIV each to winners.

Birthday Giveaway Week - I held daily contests x 4 days which brought many new followers to the community account. With each event 50 PIV was given away, paid out of my pocket.

-Planned and cross-marketed posts with BetAltcoins.

-Planned and worked with community member xbeliea666 and Hans Koning on a podcast hosted by Passive Income Pilots. Recording planned for April 15th with PodCast being published on April 23rd. Excited about this as it's a new audience.

-Continuing to work with the talented Meerkat in creating copy and ideas for graphics that she then designs for PIVX. Lately working on a series of "Privacy shouldn't be hard" themed posts as community polls indicate that followers seemed to be worried about two things, Government regulation and privacy coin's protocol being too hard to use.

-Reached out to a local college in an email asking if they know of any knowledgable C++ devs that would like to work, preferably with cryptocurrency/blockchain knowledge.

-Maintaining ongoing collaboration with Jeffrey and Liquid to enhance our communication practices, ensuring a smooth workflow among active PIVX members.
-Working alongside Jeffrey with exchanges and events ongoing.
-Cross-marketed and worked with DefiNation in promoting their gift card platform and making the community aware of integrating PIVX into it.

Whats coming up:

-Privacy Roundtable April 24th, PIVX hosting. Special Guest: Douglas Tuman host of MoneroTalks and MoneroTopia. May's event being worked on presently, sent out new requests for guest speaker.
-Working with Travala.com on a cross-marketing idea.
-Working with CryptoGuard on a new post and maybe an event for BasicSwapDEX/PIVX.
-More articles for Medium for April/May
-Planning contest with community accounts for May
-Meeting with Liquid and Jeffrey planned for late April. Topics to include PIVX's growth, roadmap items, development updates and business plans.

If the Community members and Masternode owners don't mind, I want to keep the premium subscription for one more month which will make it 3 months in total that it has been running. Ongoing talks with Twitter support and trying different methods to get our posts out further seems to be working a little bit as individual tweet metrics are more favourable of late. Tested the new article writing format from Twitter which obviously needs to be worked on more because one can't access the links shown without signing back in again. Related this to Twitter support.

Thank you for taking the time to read my proposal. I have decided to leave the comments section open, hoping that anyone who has questions or comments will express them respectfully and constructively, avoiding any threatening remarks. :)

Metrics to follow this evening or latest on April 16th.
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I work independently mostly but when I need to rely on others to help support my work, I am very appreciative when they do. @Meerkat is crazy busy now but has never missed a deadline or not completed work I have requested. Mutual respect and appreciation for each others work goes a long way when we are under deadlines. I have found being proactive and planning ahead of time for graphics I need, works well and benefits both Meerkat and I, as well it keeps the flow going out on Socials. Up until 1 year ago, PIVX official didn't have daily posts, now they do. This is possible because of how we work together. :) Images below are of how we get it done.


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-Reached out to a local college in an email asking if they know of any knowledgable C++ devs that would like to work, preferably with cryptocurrency/blockchain knowledge.

I program in C++, but I have no knowledge of blockchain, what advice do you have for taking my first steps with the pivx community?
Do we have any specific study material?
I program in C++, but I have no knowledge of blockchain, what advice do you have for taking my first steps with the pivx community?
Do we have any specific study material?
Reach out in discord and let them know in the general channel.
I had hoped last evening that the Twitter analytics page would be working this morning but....
I showed some metrics here: https://forum.pivx.org/threads/content-strategist.1940/#post-5017 In the next couple of days I will look into individual tweets and share some of those metrics.

View attachment 1619
Please find PIVX official Twitter metrics below, though still a little inaccurate it shows more than my prior attempt at retrieving them. Even when Twitter finally gets their analytics set up to read properly, they will always be a little behind due to my choice to not enable cookies and tracking on my laptop while retrieving.


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Twitter Metrics remain lower than usual. Did a little researching and supposedly many accounts are experiencing lower than usual metrics over the past few months. I asked AI if there were issues because it will accumulate all tweets that mention having issues on Twitter, then compiles them into categories. The complaints lead to one factor being that Elon has been 'throttling traffic' to certain websites which somehow slows down views to other accounts. Will follow up with this in a couple of weeks.

One good thing, Twitter accepted my application to their beta job board where I will post the advert for a C++ Developer today or Wednesday May 8th at the latest.
- Advert posted to PIVX official Twitter.
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@Gerrald Last evening against my better judgement I had PIVX official and PIVXcommunity accounts follow you so that you could comment on the posts, just as you said you wanted to be able to do when talking with another member.. Only you used it to attack my work, "No replies or comments on any social channels on @_PIVX and @PIVXcommunity I thought social media's were for talking looks like the content person is failing this cycle so maybe next person likes discussions and interaction. "

That isn't talking or giving me constructive criticism, especially on socials where you feel YOU will get the most attention. It's just YOU being YOU again. Threatening to take my role away. I posted metrics and have been telling the truth about metrics being hit by Twitter restrictions only you have changed the truth to your narrative again, and out on socials as an attack against me. Have you even looked at other accounts on socials? Have you seen how they are doing?

And your ignorant comment about hashtags once again shows your lack of understanding how socials work. We look at trending hashtags along with others that are applicable to our posts, we have used #BTC in the past and will use it again BUT not all of the time.

Instead of being lazy and just attacking me, go and scroll through the past couple of years of posts.
- Look at when the posts started not getting viewed as much.
- Look at the hashtags on all posts.
- Look at other well known accounts during the same time frame.
- Look to see how both accounts have posts everyday, something of which hasn't been done up until the last 1 1/2years ago.

Stop jeopardizing PIVX with your on again/off again support which is always due to you not being able to join PIVX Discord again. YOU did that to yourself and as everyone knows by now, its Discord rules you broke not just PIVX's.

I now have no choice but to unfollow you from the 2 accounts mentioned above. Anyone else that spams PIVX posts to make it look like we are not the professional project we are, usually gets blocked. Is that what you want next? I have also stopped comments on here again. Silly me thinking you could be trusted to be a non-emotional, non-prejudicial MN owner who will make comments to better PIVX and even my work. But no, you go to my work space and you spam with your comments in public instead. Oh and your comment about PIVX not being a DAO... look in the mirror. You make the easy task of being a responsible masternode owner a joke, you sir are centralization personified. "Either do what I say or I will take you down."

Borris, Do better... Just for once, DO BETTER.
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To followers that don't know what Grok is, it's Twitter's version of ChatGPT. It scans through multiple tweets at one time and finds patterns of similarity. I asked Grok if Twitter has been experiencing more complaints from their users about poor metrics then they normally do. See image below for results.

I have changed the professional category of PIVX official from Blockchain back to Science and Technology to see if that helps the posts go further. I didn't see positive results when I had trialled using Blockchain as the category a few weeks ago.

Screenshot 2024-05-09 at 4.32.26 PM.png
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