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Archived Dev-Fuel-2019 V1 - Dev Pay increase


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NOTE: At this time, this is on hold, since we've been told the devs are submitting their own proposal.

Pay the PIVX Core Development Team well, and add clarity.


The existing proposal ‘dev-fuel-4’ is actually a much older proposal that has since been updated at least twice via new comments buried among the many other comments. Combine that with everything that has changed in the 2 years since that forum post was started, and it has created significant confusion among the Community. The main issue is the number of Developers and who they are.

Also during that time, the development servers and their infrastructure has grown significantly. I presume that initially the cost was trivial and it made sense to include in the proposal. However, as PIVX has grown, so has the server/infrastructure size and cost. Currently, it is approximately $5K USD per month taken from the 22K PIV that was intended to all go to Developer compensation. The development server/infrastructure now deserves a dedicated proposal.

We have been extremely lucky to have Developers so dedicated to PIVX in the face of a massive market correction. Although there is not enough in the Treasury to pay them their full worth yet, we can certainly pay them more than they have been receiving, and we should do so right now.

The original proposal was submitted by @s3v3nh4cks and the funds currently flow through him. As everyone knows, his focus is now with the Veil project. Therefore from an ethical and marketing perspective, this needs to change. Funds should flow through the PIVX Development Team if at all possible.


For budgeting and clarity reasons, this proposal is based on including the following active PIVX Core Developers. How the funds are distributed will be up to the Developers to decide as a team. For example, there may be others that contribute and are compensated as well from time to time.

  • Furszy
  • Fuzzbawls
  • Mrs X
  • Random Zebra
  • Warrows

Development Servers/Infrastructure:

These costs have climbed to almost $5K USD per month. They should be covered in a separate proposal. As such, they are not part of this proposal.

Developer Compensation:

This proposal asks for 25,000 PIV which works out to 5K PIV per Developer, but again - that is for clarity and budgeting only. We leave it to the Development team to determine a fair distribution each cycle as they see fit.

Treasury Payout:

This proposal is currently in the ‘Pre-Proposal’ stage, albeit very ‘last minute’. We would like the Treasury payout to flow through Fuzzbawls, but need an address from him, or his own proposal, to make that happen.

If we are unable to get an address from Fuzzbawls, or another Core Dev team member in time, it will be provided by another PIVian who will act as ‘escrow’ in the interim.


25,000 PIV
No refund of fees requested.


3 Superblocks / Total 75,000 PIV

Voting Details:

mnbudgetvote many TBD yes/no

getbudgetinfo Dev-Fuel-2019V1
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