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PIVX Promotional Fund by jakiman


Title: PIVX Promotional Fund by jakiman
Name: PIVX_Promo_Fund_JK
Term: 3 Cycles (I want this to be perpetual tbh)
Cycle Amnt: 2500
Total Amnt: 7500
Author: jakiman
Receiver: jakiman
Address: <tbd>
Status: Awaiting Feedback

This proposal is the first proposal for PIVX that aims to solely put aside its 100% amount towards PIVX Promotions & Business Development.
Think of it as a kitty fund for Exchange listing fees, Paid articles, Influencer payment, Trading competitions etc.

2500 PIV a month isn't a lot but it's a start as it's something PIVX has never really had: Money (PIV) to spend on stuff that costs money.
As per how it works, the fund will come into a wallet that I created. So I will have control of the funds.
But the decision would be more of a team effort. Based on respectable feedback from PIVX team.
If you think I will run off with 2500 PIV, simple vote NO. :p

This isn't meant to be spent each month every time. If there is a quite month, we can roll it over to next month/s.
So if we don't spend it for 4 months, we will have 10,000 PIV to spend on much bigger things such as:
- Exchange listings (only reputable ones and if it's affordable)
- Exchange trading competitions (on big exchanges to increase user adoption / liquidity / trade volume)
- Influencer marketing (Youtuber review etc)
- Media articles (paid articles, press releases etc)
- and more..

You get the drift. It's just money set aside for non-labor expenditures which we NEVER really had ever had access to via the monthly budget.
Anyways, if you think it's fine, I'll submit a proposal. If this works out or is well received, I hope to increase it a bit more over time.
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Absolutely supporting the idea! Big YES from me for the proposal and for you as a fund keeper. As you said, it's something that PIVX lacks of, which is highly needed to support the development achievements and other major milestones that needs to get out.
Support this 100% thanks for taking the initiative. Looking forward to seeing more great things being made available to PIVX due to this funding.
I'm definitely supporting, but need some more guidelines, and I'm convinced that they will come in later :)
-What's "affordable" as an exchange listing fee? I'm basically pretty much against all listing fees, shy not have a tight collaboration with that exchange instead?
-Will there be any minimal requirements for a influencer/youtuber, like min followers, min length of the review, and so on?
Eager to see this grow :)
I definitely think it's a good idea to devote resources to marketing, especially with the SHIELD mainnet launch approaching.