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Name: Ofcl-Social-Q223
Term: 3 cycles
Cycle Amount: 3,668.00
Total Amount: 11,004.00
Author: @LeacyMcK
Receiver: @LeacyMcK
Address: D9TCRox4mAaPq8NLEqYQNarQAQEetLH7EW
Created: March 5, 2023
Status: Active

This is a continuation from my prior proposal. I have chosen to submit it for 3 cycles this time. As always, if the PIVX price goes up more than what I am asking for I will put most of the extra funding in a pool to go towards community giveaways, and tips/rewards towards supportive followers on socials.

Please find my original proposal here:

Please find the last proposal I submitted here:

Repeated Work Tasks Each Cycle:
Replying to messages on Twitter/Instagram/Discord, PIVX.org contact emails, and [email protected].
-Requesting articles from writer(s) when events or need of new material arises. Proof reading articles and all blogs prior to then publishing them on PIVX.org and posting on socials.
-Planning content for each day of the week for PIVX official social accounts while keeping a watch on trends, like-minded crypto topics, analytics etc.
-Working with Shorn, PIVX's official graphic designer on new graphics for PIVX events, AMAs, updates and announcements
-Gathering our amazing social team together to help with PIVX promotions/announcements and having graphics ready for them should they choose to do their own posts.
-Complete monthly update form for Binance.
-Check in with PIVX labs, Palm Tree (PIVX toolbox), ZKbitcoin (explorer), and a few other team and community members on a regular basis to keep updated so that promotions and articles are planned ahead of time.
-Help keep PIVX.org and Discord updated.
-Content creating for official social accounts. (Research trends on socials and other like minded accounts. Content creating consists of coming up with ideas for graphics, and creating relevant copy, to accompany marketing promotions.
-Being a PIVX Aunty to over 2k nephews around the world.

Accomplishments Completed This Past Cycle:
Organized a follow-up Twitter Spaces with Particl, BasicSwapDEX and yenachar (PIVX DEX specialist). To be held on March 10th, 14:30 pm EST.
-Researched paid advertising on IG to coincide with PIVX update Video in April. We postponed the video so that all of MPW upgrades and possible v6.0 can be mentioned in it, along with the other milestones of late.
-Started PIVX Medium social account again which was promoted on all socials. This will be a useful account to post to for blogs, PIVX events and update announcements.
-Working with PIVXlabs and Shorn on a new marketing series when MPW update is completed, promoting pre-hype social posts in the meantime. Plan for voice chat 2nd week of March with Shorn and JSKitty.
-PIVX.org analytics; Google SEO specialist to set up new analytics with tuorial for PIVX marketing team at my request later this month.
-Ongoing work with cryptowallet.com representatives in a collaboration with PIVX, and now with Jeffrey.
-Organizing a PIVX Twitter spaces about DAOs with PIVX advisor Hans Koning and CryptoSi to host a Twitter Spaces regarding DAOs. Plans to be hosted March 26th. (Tentative date)
-Working with https://www.youtube.com/c/AChainofBlocks in preparation for upcoming PIVX YouTube video. ( 3 short videos to be integrated into Jay's video and 1 YouTube short video for PIVX official YouTube and Tik/Tok and Instagram. These videos will be promoted on all PIVX socials along with a paid advert on Instagram. Proposal to be completed.
-PIVXcommunity creative contest. Reward of 150 PIV given.
-Worked with Sandude, PIVXlabs new writer. They are creating a blog containing news from PIVXlabs and PIVX core and community to be published monthly.


-Examples shown are not "just a tweet or post" but an example of the content I created, of working with the graphic designer to have a graphic created, of writing copy, and then analyzing the best times/dates to promote. Then posting/tweeting to official PIVX social accounts while making sure the social team has the correct links and graphics to help promote.


-While the graphic in this social was created and thought of in PIVXlabs, I wrote the plain and simple copy. This short quote was used to reflect the future MPW mobile update while using a "less is more" strategy with simple words.

-Twitter polls created 3-4 times a month to help PIVX core team with knowing what PIVX's community is happy with, and what they feel we need to work on. Subjects vary, polls are a learning tool for myself, social media lead in knowing what PIVX's community wants to be updated on. Polls are a helpful tool for the PIVX core team as well.

-Supporting community members, projects PIVX have a relationship with, and community developers, by bragging about their efforts when completing a project that showcases PIVX.

Upcoming tasks, goals and plans:
Co-host the 2nd Twitter Spaces with yenachar, CryptoGuard (BasicSwap) and Joskye (Particl) Subject, Privacy.
-Co-host the 3rd Twitter Spaces with Hans Koning from PIVX and CryptoSi, DAO tutorial video author.
-Finalize PIVX YouTube influencer video that will highlight reward increase, v5.5 and v.6.0, MPW v2.0 (Mobile, UI/UX)
-Voice chat with JSKitty PIVXlabs lead and Shorn, PIVX official Graphic Designer to prepare for marketing series for MPW v2.0
-Spring PIVXcommunity contest, late March.
-Work with Sandude (PIVX labs writer) by creating promotion material to accompany the new PIVX monthly report, soon to be launched.
-Work with Shorn to create marketing strategy for MPW v2.0.

-Fee breakdown:
Paid hours: 20 hours a week/ 80 hours a cycle = $2000 CAD.
Quote of PIV above reflects payment in USD. (calculated on www.XE.com. )
Volunteer hours: 20 to 30 hours a week/ 80 to 120 hours a cycle.
Total hours paid and volunteer per cycle: 160 - 240 hours a cycle.

Thank you for taking the time to read my proposal.
As always, I am thankful to be part of PIVX's journey.


Staff member
- Being a PIVX Aunty to over 2k nephews around the world.

I love this a little too much.

Anyway, as always, FULL support from the PIVX Labs team for your work and active roles, Leacy. 💪