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Title: : PIVX University Brazil: Strengthening PIVX Knowledge and Ecosystem Expansion

Name: PIVXUnivBR
Term: 2 cycles
Cycle Amnt: 5200 PIVX
Total Amnt: 10400 PIVX
Author: @forbal & @GusBerg
Receiver: @forbal
Created: July 20, 2023
Status: Pre-Proposed

🔍 1.Overview 🔍

Our aim with this proposal is to enhance the awareness and understanding of PIVX throughout Brazil and beyond, by leveraging the power of educational lectures and integrating PIVX into various ecosystems, such as Metaverses, Digital, and Financial platforms.

As the digital landscape continues to evolve with developments in Blockchain, Web3, and Metaverses, we envision PIVX playing a critical role in these new arenas, given its privacy features and decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) structure.

Through the creation of a series of informative lectures, we plan to engage with students, developers, and crypto-enthusiasts, showing them the potential of PIVX and encouraging the development of innovative projects utilizing PIVX technology.

🌱 2.The Need & Commitment 🌱

We've observed a significant potential for PIVX within Brazil's diverse blockchain and crypto communities, with many eager to delve deeper into the technology. In light of this, we're committed to harnessing our expertise in blockchain, crypto, and marketing to foster this interest.

Our initiative aims to not only increase the visibility of PIVX but also demonstrate its practical application in various projects such as stores, sponsorships, and privacy-oriented initiatives.

By doing so, we believe that we can create an environment that encourages creative problem-solving and entrepreneurship within the PIVX ecosystem

Members Joaquim Folha


Gustavo Nonnenberg

🏫 3.Education: Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Lectures 🏫

With this proposal, we aim to conduct lectures at various colleges across Brazil. These sessions will focus on PIVX's unique privacy features and its decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) structure

By targeting students and young professionals, particularly those with a background in programming and an interest in blockchain technology, we aim to stimulate interest and innovation within the PIVX ecosystem.
Through these educational sessions, we want to empower potential innovators to build applications and projects leveraging PIVX technology

🎯 4.Action Plan & Expected Outcome 🎯

Our action plan for this proposal includes organizing and executing a series of lectures at notable universities in major cities across Brazil. With each lecture, we anticipate the propagation of knowledge about PIVX, its benefits, and potential applications. In the months following these lectures, we expect to see an influx of new initiatives and an increased interest in PIVX, fostering a robust and creative PIVX community within Brazil.

In the long term, we envisage that this increased understanding and utilization of PIVX could lead to its integration into various blockchain sectors, such as NFTs, Metaverse, Web3, DeFi, and more. By encouraging the adoption of PIVX in these domains, we aim to reinforce PIVX's position as a leading privacy-centric cryptocurrency, paving the way for future collaborations and innovations.

In addition, we will share a lot of content about everything we are doing with the PIVX community through the social network @pivxbrasil (Instagram and Twitter)

🌍 5.Potential Application Areas 🌍

Our goal with this lecture series isn't just to inform, but to inspire and encourage the students to incorporate PIVX and blockchain technology into a wide array of practical applications. Here are some potential areas where PIVX could be uniquely beneficial:

🤝 B2B, B2C, and C2C Transactions: PIVX can revolutionize how business transactions occur in the digital age. For Business-to-Business (B2B), Business-to-Consumer (B2C), and Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C) transactions, PIVX can provide quick, secure, and private transfers.
The adoption of PIVX in these areas could see an increase in transaction speed, a reduction in costs, and the added benefit of privacy

🛍️ Retail and eCommerce: Integrating PIVX as a payment method in both physical and online stores could offer customers a more private, secure, and quick transaction method. Blockchain technology can also support secure tracking of goods and authenticity verification.

🎨 NFT and Digital Art Marketplaces: Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have created a new way for artists and creators to monetize their work. PIVX could be used in these marketplaces, providing a private and secure way to purchase NFTs.

💼 International Business Intermediation: For businesses dealing with international transactions, PIVX could offer a faster, more secure, and cost-effective solution than traditional banking systems. This can be especially attractive for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that operate internationally

👥 Social Networking: A decentralized social network built on PIVX would protect users' data while providing them with control and ownership of their content.

🛡️ Privacy-focused Services: PIVX's strong focus on privacy can be a major selling point for services like VPNs, private browsers, and secure messaging apps. Users would appreciate the ability to pay for these services privately with PIVX.

We'll also discuss potential applications in environmental services, non-profit & philanthropy, personal A.I. industry, contract agreements intermediation, and more. We will explain the importance of these areas and give real-world examples where possible to demonstrate the power and potential of PIVX and blockchain technology. We'll encourage students to think creatively and envision new applications in their fields of interest

📅 6.Lecture Schedule 📅

Our schedule for the lectures includes several renowned institutions in key cities across Brazil.
Each event will entail a comprehensive lecture followed by a networking session during a coffee break.
The schedule and estimated costs for these events are as follows:

Date: August 25
City: Limeira - São Paulo

Faculdade FAM Americana
Date: August 27
City: Americana - São Paulo

Date: September 05
City: São José dos Campos São Paulo

Why do 3 lectures? In the blockchain market for new people, it can take a few days to understand all the nomenclatures and understand what crypto and blockchain are, so we will have this time until the end of the proposal, in addition to being able to reach more people

7.Lecture Content 💡

Each lecture will educate the attendees about PIVX and its applications, focusing on the privacy aspects and the potential of PIVX DAO for initiating projects.
The lecture will be followed by a networking session during a coffee break, providing the opportunity for students and the author to discuss ideas and initiatives further.

🔄 08.Feedback & Iteration 🔄

We understand that this proposal might seem ambitious and potentially costly. However, we believe in its value and will be open to feedback from the PIVX community.
We're committed to iterating our approach based on community suggestions and the results we observe from our initial events.
We'll consider scaling down to one event if required and will adjust our approach based on the traction we gain

🔍 09.Measurement & Tracking Success 🔍

An important part of our proposal involves the careful monitoring and evaluation of our activities. We aim to capture valuable data and metrics from each lecture and community engagement initiative.
Our key performance indicators will include the number of lecture attendees, the level of interaction during networking sessions, the number of new PIVX wallet downloads and transactions, and social media engagement (likes, shares, comments, new followers)

💰 10.Project Costs and Budget Allocation 💰

Planning, organizing, and executing a series of workshops, and creating awareness on a national scale requires considerable resources. To be transparent and accountable, here's a detailed breakdown of the budget we are requesting for this project

🏫 Venue Booking and Maintenance: This cost would cover the rental fees for venues where we intend to hold our lectures and workshops, and any maintenance or cleanup costs associated with using these venues - 870 PIV

✈️🏨 Travel and Accommodation: We intend to reach different regions of Brazil and for that, we need to budget for travel (land transport) and accommodation for our team - 1180 PIV

🎥📒 Equipment and Materials: This cost covers necessary teaching and promotional materials, like projectors, PA systems, handouts, and PIVX promotional merchandise that we will distribute during these events - 1850 PIV

📱📺 Content Creation and Promotion: Funds for video content creation, photos, social media promotions, SEO, and blog writing to further promote the PIVX blockchain technology before and after the workshops - 500 PIV

☕🍪 ☕🍪 Coffee Break and Refreshment: Our goal is to provide a comfortable learning environment for our participants. Part of this is offering pizza or similar and soft drinks during the event - 3500 PIV

👨‍💼💵 Pro Labore: Pro Labore: We believe in fair compensation for the work invested in this project. This section of the budget covers the labor cost for the staff who will be delivering the workshops, managing the logistics, and carrying out all the tasks associated with the project 2500 PIV

To ensure maximum benefit to the PIVX community, in our proposal updates we will provide updates on how funds are being used and progress made towards our goals. We believe that transparency is crucial in the management of community funds and we are committed to upholding this principle

📅 Term Length 📅

Recognizing the need for agile responses to changes and to avoid long-running proposals, we propose a term length of 2 cycles. This time frame allows us to evaluate our progress, make necessary adjustments, and prepare follow-up proposals based on the successes and learning points of the initial phase.

This proposal marks the end of our pitch. We thank the PIVX community for considering our initiative and look forward to your valuable feedback and support. Let's work together to amplify PIVX impact in Brazil and beyond!

🙏Thanks PIVX community!🙏

We thank the PIVX community for considering our initiative and look forward to your feedback and support.
Let's work together to amplify PIVX's impact in Brazil and beyond!
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There was a similar proposal submitted recently. Maybe 4 or 5 months ago. I can't find it now. Did you delete it? Maybe I am just lost in this forum. Could you please provide a link to it? I remember there were some good questions posted there, and I don't think you ever replied to them.
There was a similar proposal submitted recently. Maybe 4 or 5 months ago. I can't find it now. Did you delete it? Maybe I am just lost in this forum. Could you please provide a link to it? I remember there were some good questions posted there, and I don't think you ever replied to them.
All doubts were placed in the proposal as well

@ONeZetty We decided to put 3 faculties in this proposal, because development in crypto for the understanding of some can take time and also with more people we have a greater amount of projects to be submitted from the PIVX ecosystem, which a lecture alone may not have

Example: We gave a lecture to 200 people, 100 were interested, but only 10 of them know crypto effectively, it will take a while until we teach about PIVX, Blockchain to this audience that will soon be educated about crypto and will develop a crypto project based on in your knowledge of DEV
Now if we did 3 lectures x 200 students each, 300 are interested, 50 know the basics about crypto and 15 are already advanced, with that, in a proposal we have already managed to develop blockchain projects with a number of active developers in PIVX

Coffee Break will be with pizza or similar and soft drinks, not just coffee