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Title: ZephyrPhase2
Name: ZephyrPhase2
Term: 3
Cycle Amnt: 2500
Total Amnt: 7500
Author: Cryptosi
Receiver: Cryptosi
Address: DGnUteoATVFiHTHEjHPp3YodceXhbf8RGY
Created: 24th September 2019
Status: Proposal

Zephyr was released as 0.9.1 on Tuesday the 10th september 2019 and we intend to move to 1.0.0 before adding this second phase. 1.0.0 will be the stable and signed release including Mac binaries.

Phase 2 is the integration of centralised non-custodial exchangers, via API. These exchangers will allow Zephyr users to easily exchange bitcoin (possibly other currencies) into PIV within the wallet. We feel this will make acquiring PIVX that much easier and also the added anonymity is in line with our push towards increased privacy and financial sovereignty.

Which exchangers will be featured?
We plan to use Flyp.me and stealthex.io for this feature, both of which allow for exchange between crypto easily without having to give the company your personal data.

It is important to note that Zephyr or it’s developers will not be conducting these exchanges, we will be linking users directly to these services from within the wallet, so it is the user’s responsibility to make sure they are adhering to the laws within their locality.

These are the API documents for the 2 services:



How will the new features work?
You will be able to access the exchangers via a tab in the top menu of Zephyr, the entire process and user experience will be designed by the Zephyr developers with the help of renowned Crypto UX researchers Chockablock.io , Chockablock.io have kindly volunteered their time because our philosophy aligns with theirs and they are long time pivians, in exchange for this we will feature the Chockablock.io logo in the wallet along with a message something like “experience designed by chockablock.io” and a link to their website, this is in lieu of the thousands of dollars their UX insight usually costs.

We will also produce tutorial videos to show users how to use this exciting new feature, this will be done by either Jeffrey (PIVXPress host), Geoffrey Robertson (chockablock.io) or myself Cryptosi.

How much will Phase 2 cost?
Phase 2 will cost 4K USD to implement, and I will split the costs between the budget and a personal donation. I am prepared to donate 50% towards the cost of this development and will be seeking to raise the further 50% from the budget, so that will work out as follows.

Total cost = 4k USD or 15,000PIV at todays prices

50% from budget = 2kUSD or 7500 PIV todays prices.

7500 will be split over a 3 month period at 2500PIV per month,

We feel this amount has the biggest chance of being successful.

The developers are aware that a further fall in the value of PIVX will mean they are paid less in USD terms, but If PIVX raises, which we expect to happen then they will make more in USD terms. It is worth noting PIVX dropped significantly during the first phase of Zephyr development and Zephyr was still released on time, with extensive testing and has been a big success so far.

How long will Phase 2 take?
We anticipate Phase 2 to take roughly 1 month to implement and a further month of testing, as before we will release ALL of the additional code (MIT licence) as soon as it is Beta worthy at least, and people will be able to self-compile and test this new feature for themselves.

We will also again be running our own testing with interested community members and getting feedback.

With an added 1 month contingency we expect Phase 2 to be completed and released within 3 months of funding being approved. This may clash with PIVX core releases and for the purposes of not overrunning the PIVX support team, we will NOT release Phase 2 on or around the same date as a major PIVX CORE release.

Will there be any fees?
Currently using StealthEX and flyp does come with a fee and these fees must be adhered to when connecting to these services.

We have no plans for adding any extra fees on top of this, however should this change any fees will be optional and small. We will make sure it is clear within the process what fees are being paid and to whom.

If we do decide to add fees, we will use a transparent Address and the fees collected will go towards funding further phases of development.

Here is some information about my past proposals:

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Voting Information


hash= 0fe561ff497185d44bc29c2d116ade9952b512b7a28433b8ce45ccbf3b0a8275

“mnbudgetvote many 0fe561ff497185d44bc29c2d116ade9952b512b7a28433b8ce45ccbf3b0a8275 yes” to vote in favor

“mnbudgetvote many 0fe561ff497185d44bc29c2d116ade9952b512b7a28433b8ce45ccbf3b0a8275 no” to vote against

"getbudgetinfo ZephyrPhase2” to check the status
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