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    Ready for Review TrezarTravels 2.0

    Title: Hotel booking website TrezarTravels Name: TrezarTravels 2.0 Term: 3 Cycle Amnt: 4700$ Total Amnt: 14100$ Author: ChekaZ Receiver: Blockcurators GmbH ( ChekaZ ) Address: TBA Created: 06.09.2019 Status: Pre-proposal Overview Dear PIVX-Community, Iam ChekaZ from the Blockcurators GmbH...
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    Archived CoinKit - Tipbot

    Dear PIVX-Community, we are the team of the company Blockcurators GmbH from Germany. We offer a tipbot as a service with support for different communication platforms. As soon as the integration is active, everyone can use the tipbot in their discord, slack or telegram giving more exposure and...