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    Archived PIVX_Portuguese2

    Hello everyone, this is JoaquimF! This is the proposal for the next budget of PIVX_Portuguese 2 for August, September and October 2019. I am dedicating myself to growing the PIVX Portuguese community so that once we have a good base of members, begin implementations of PIVX as a means of...
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    Report PIVX Português

    Report of growth of the Portuguese community We have had a good growth of the Portuguese community. In an overview we are excited to continue the growth of Portuguese PIVX, many people are looking for the group's PT Telegram to seek information The Telegram group of PIVX Portugues has...
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    Archived PIVX Português BlockCrypto2019

    Last year PIVX Portuguese had a representative at the BlockCrypto 2018 event where the Portuguese community began, which now has 380 people in the Telegram and 669 followers on the Instagram with several pesosos learning daily about PIVX. BlockCrypto 2019 will have the presence of Strategy...
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    Food Truck PIVX

    What I'll do? Present the PIVX to a large public, taking 4 Food Trucks to receive the PIVX as a form of payment in a college in São Paulo Summary The intention is to take Food Trucks to a college that has more than 7,000 students, we will give a bountry of 6 PIV for people to consume in the...