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    PIVX Core Wallet 4.1.1 Mandatory Release (May/31/2020)

    PIVX Core version 4.1.1 is available from: This critical hot-fix update includes a fix for the wallet sync issues that were causing out of sync issues. This is a mandatory update for those running 4.1.0 or lower and all full node wallet users...
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    PIVX Core Wallet 4.1.0 Release (May/7/2020)

    PIVX Core version 4.1.0 is available from: This new wallet includes major improvements in its performance and efficiency over previous releases, reducing its RAM usage by more than half, along...
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    New Privacy Protocol Reveal - zk-SNARKs Sapling

    Toronto, February 29, 2020 – PIVX announces its plans to implement Sapling ( , a zk-SNARKs based privacy protocol created by Zcash, on the next major 5.0 core wallet scheduled for release this year that enables both public and private transactions on the PIVX...
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    PIVX Core Wallet 4.0.2 Release (01/18/2020)

    PIVX Core version v4.0.2 is now available from: or This is a new revision version release, including various bug fixes and performance improvements, as well as updated translations. Please report bugs using the issue tracker...
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    PIVX Core Wallet 3.4.0 Mandatory Release (08/26/2019)

    PIVX Core Wallet 3.4.0 Release (08/26/2019) PIVX core wallet v3.4.0 patch update has been released with bug/vulnerability fixes. Highlight changes - v2 Stake Modifier - Block index batch writing for better performance and less DB corruption - Fixed crashing at startup - GUI improvements - RPC...
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    SPMT v0.5.0 release - Trezor support

    SPMT: Secure PIVX Masternode Tool is a software to securely manage multiple PIVX masternodes while keeping the collateral safely stored on hardware wallets. Developed and managed by PIVX core developer random.zebra, this new v0.5.0 release now adds the much awaited Trezor Model T and Model One...
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    PIVX Cold Staking

    That would actually be interesting as in theory, you could have more than 1 staking nodes for a single set of UTXOs. I assume that will work if you run the same wallet.dat that has generated the same stakerAddr on multiple nodes?
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    PIVX Cold Staking

    I expect this cold staking feature to not cause any extra centralization in the network as it is far easier to setup & maintain than a masternode. (especially if you have more than 10k PIV) This will in turn make people just setup their own cold staking node (as they only just need 1) instead of...
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    PIVX Cold Staking

    Wouldn't the movement just be determined by market forces based on profitability? I doubt that will change. As for the reward structure change, either don't change it (in order to maintain 30%+ vote rate of over 500 votes) or flip the 3:2 to 2:3 to increase the pool of stakers. Though, this does...
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    Network Update - v3.3.0 Enforcement / zPIV v2 Spend Activation

    Network / zPIV Update zPIV v2 spending has been enabled on the network. v3.3.0 wallet network enforcement is also active. Mini FAQ 1. What does all this mean? This means that if you run a PIVX core desktop wallet, make sure you have upgraded to v3.3.0. Older wallets are no longer...
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    PIVX Core Wallet 3.3.0 Mandatory Release (06/18/2019)

    PIVX Core Wallet 3.3.0 Mandatory Release (06/18/2019) Major PIVX core wallet v3.3.0 been released with some significant changes in zPIV front. . This is a MANDATORY upgrade so all previous wallet users will need to upgrade asap. Wallet update enforcement will kick in at approx. June 24th at...
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    Archived PIVX Integration on INDACOIN

    BTW, is it me or were we listed on Indacoin before? Heck, we even announced it before on Twitter and is listed on our exchange list web page. IIRC, I was the one who checked & announced it back then. haha. But now I don't see PIVX on their site. Maybe I was seeing things? =p
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    [Dev Update] v3.3.0 Test & Release Schedule

    Following latest update from core development team was posted on June 6th on PIVX Discord: Simplified: 1. New core v3.3.0 wallet is expected to be released around 16-17th of June. 2. All users need to upgrade. Fork will happen approx. 7 days after its release. 3. After the fork, spending of v2...
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    피벡스 코리아 텔레그램

    링크 -
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    Archived PIVX Integration on INDACOIN

    INDACOIN is an exchange based in London, United Kingdom. =p @Cryptosi Would be good to have the actual link to INDACOIN ( in your post.