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Name: LMP - Meerkat
Term: 2 Cycles
Cycle Amnt: 15,000
Total Amnt: 30,000
Author: JSKitty, Meerkat
Receiver: Meerkat
Address: DHkziYnyWRk8nW4pa1zXG6qjyuXshHj7Ap
Created: 07-02-2024
Status: Active
Vote Hash: e50e19460686843e46347f7f926154c5a11c9a5cb312721d75985b60dccc84c5

Proposal Abstract
Meerkat is a Graphical Designer, Frontend Developer, and UX professional - helping PIVX Labs finalise the design of Shield UX in MPW, along with BreadJS and the MPW Shield developers, providing graphical designs to prepare for announcements and releases on the PIVX Labs social accounts.

After a two month period of work reviewed by Labs Core, Meerkat will be continuing at PIVX Labs as a key component of our new Design and Marketing team - continuing to create graphical content for PIVX Labs' MANY social new outlets, which has massively boosted the userbase of the PIVX Labs Discord, by this, Meerkat and Mirela have both proven to work excellently in sync together, and this is precisely the design and marketing combination that PIVX Labs lacked previously.

Meerkat has done extensive work on potential upcoming MyPIVXWallet.org designs, fully outlined in her original LMP - Meerkat thread, as well as a multitude of platform-agnostic graphics designed exclusively for PIVX Labs and PIVX Core independently, essentially, meaning this proposal "covers" two teams worth of work - for her full list of work results, please visit the above hyperlinks for either MyPIVXWallet.org designs or Social Media Graphics.

PIVX Labs Social Designs
(Non-exhaustive list)

MyPIVXWallet.org Designs
(Non-exhaustive list, designs are a work-in-progress)

PIVX Core Social Designs
(Non-exhaustive list)

Proposal Plans

To give an idea of what we're aiming to achieve these two cycles, with Meerkat:
  • Providing frontend work and advise on the overall design of MyPIVXWallet.org.
  • Performing frontend development (HTML, CSS) for MPW Shield alongside our other developers.
  • Polishing areas of MPW that have 'aged' and need a cleanup (Masternodes UI, Staking UI, etc) along with BreadJS.
  • Creating social media graphics for PIVX Labs (Twitter, etc).
  • Creating social media graphics for PIVX Core (Twitter, Instagram, etc).


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