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Archived Marketing BizDEV Jan-Jun 2021


This is a second proposal of the recently formed PIVX Marketing & Biz Development Team. This proposal will NOT be used to pay the submitters, or those stewarding the amounts. This type of proposal which was first introduced in October 2020 was the first of its kind proposal for PIVX that aims to solely put aside 100% of the amount towards PIVX Promotions & Business Development, which may be used to cover such costs as the exchange listing fees, paid promotions and articles, payments for PIVX’s co-operations with well-known cryptocurrency influencers, establish the important alliances and partnerships, trading competitions, supporting the liquidity and trading volume in occasions when there’s a risk of delisting from an important exchange due to low volume, and more. To reiterate, no member of this team will be paid from these amounts. We are strictly volunteers who will give our time and energy to promote, marketing, and integrate PIVX as effectively, efficiently, and loudly as we can while stewarding and consciously directing any required funds as needed for maximal impact.

Previous work reports​

Previous proposal was successfully completed. Detailed report what was accomplished can be found below in the comments:

Term and Format Commitment​

As this proposal can be looked at as more of a sinking fund (in that, funds MUST be used as needed for marketing business development purposes, but without any predetermined outflow). This proposal is planned for a fixed amount of PIV (5000), no matter if USD value per PIV goes up or down. In case of the large USD value growth, funds will allow realizing more opportunities.

The format for these proposals will be as follows:
  • Each member of the MBDB team will be listed
  • Their roles and responsibilities will be listed
  • Any member notes, changes, exceptions will be listed
  • Extra funds (if any) will be rationalized
MBDB team members will not be reporting hours worked, and task specifics will NOT be listed in monthly reports so as to not burden the volunteers with unnecessary busywork. However, macro-level reporting of:

  • Funds Available
  • Funds Used
  • Initiatives Started (if allowable, as some may require elements or privacy until their release. In these cases, the MBDB team will provide a high level redacted summary of any of these initiatives)


All MBDB Team members are expected to participate in the general work of marketing and Biz Dev, as well as participate in weekly internal team meetings with reliable frequency.

The following initiatives fall under the care and responsibility of the PIVX MBDB:

Brand Warmth Enhancement3rd Party reviews (unpaid) of PIVX, positive media and chatter feedback of PIVX
Website (new) Marketing
Privacy (v5) Marketing
Exchange listings
Partnership / Alliances
Exchange Volume Boost

PIVX MBDB Allotment​

The PIVX MBDB Team is receiving 0 PIV for their work from the DAO’s budget:
  • SnappySnap - BizDev, copy, articles (0 PIV)
  • Ambassador - Marketing, articles (0 PIV)
  • Jakiman - BizDev, copy, articles (0 PIV)
IMPORTANT NOTE: By mentioning “copy, articles”, it doesn’t mean an obligation for any of the MBDB team members to provide copy to the marketing team, it's up to the individual's desire to assist in such activities outside of this proposal. Copy/articles are intended to be written among MBDB team members for business development purposes within the scope of this proposal.

Before any funds may be released for Marketing or Biz Dev purposes, a member of the MBDB Team must propose (internally) the use of funds, the purpose, and amount. Only a unanimous vote of 3 (the MBDB must be in agreement) will be sufficient for subsequent dispersal of funds.
A ledger and record of these requests and outflows will be made available to the public and may contain redacted information based on any NDAs or time/market-sensitive uses.

Total Per Cycle: 5000 PIV

Donations and Receiving of Additional Funds​

Any funds received by the proposal payout address from any source other than the PIVX network’s in-built budget distribution system will be considered as donations to be stewarded in the same fashion as explained above.

For complete transparency, a receiving address for donations is the same as the proposal’s receiving address, and it is the following address: DPL4keBbxcWvzRd8Mw53kC4mcnh7hDJNSj

نکته مهم: ما انجمن PIVX را تشویق می کنیم که حتی اگر از بودجه PIVX تأمین شود ، به این صندوق بازاریابی کمک مالی کند. مطمئن باشید که از تک تک PIV های اضافی اهدا شده به این صندوق به بهترین شکل ممکن برای افزایش قیمت PIVX استفاده می شود. صندوق بازاریابی هر چه بزرگتر شود ، امکانات با کیفیت بیشتری در تمام موارد ذکر شده در بالا مورد توجه قرار می گیرند ، که فرصت های بی پایان را به همراه دارد.

وجوه در حال دریافت به کیف پول فعال می باشد ، تا بودجه بازاریابی بیشتر افزایش یابد در حالی که بودجه منتظر استقرار است.

تیم PIVX MBDB این حق را برای خود محفوظ می داند که ما در مورد مناطق مورد نظر که ممکن است به دلیل افزایش بودجه دریافتی و همچنین اولویت هر یک از موارد تمرکز افزوده شده ، اضافه شوند ، تصمیم بگیریم.

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